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About Us

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Ollie Lue Soap Co. is a woman-owned and -operated company combining a love of science, nature, and self-love.

All products are vegan, dairy-free, and in turn cruelty-free.

Ollie Lue prioritizes ingredient transparency— backed by science—and makes products with YOU and the Earth in mind.


Our Mission

Our mission is to fuse the marvels of science with nature’s elegance via luxurious, yet affordable skincare and candle products. As a parent, I know the profound value of true self-care and the simple joy of a peaceful, solitary hot shower. Our offerings are designed to let you indulge in pampering your skin and elevating your daily routine with vibrant soaps and shimmering candles. We are dedicated to creating moments of self-love because we believe you truly deserve it. Our journey is driven by a passion for all sciences, unwavering transparency, and a commitment to the well-being of our customers and the planet.

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Ollie Lue Soap Co. LLC

3144 Beechwood Dr, New Castle, IN 47362, USA

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