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This Indiana Original TV show is an all new concept in paranormal television bringing peace to those experiencing the paranormal.

About Paranormal X Road

•Created by Indiana Native Kitsie Duncan from the successful Amazon Prime show Oddity Files, Paranormal X Road highlights stories of Hoosiers
experiencing paranormal activity.

•Joined by well known and trusted Indianapolis  TV and radio personality, KJ McGlinn, we’re bringing local stories of the paranormal and spirit connection to an established loyal, local following in a positive way

•Recent episodes have included a mother grieving her son in Martinsville and an employee of the famed Athenaueam building being afraid to stay
at work after dark.

Our Reach. Our Community.

• Coming soon to WNDY-TV in Indianapolis and streaming on the

Paranormal X Road YouTube channel with a combined reach of
6000+ weekly

• A social media community combining KJ’s following, Kitsie’s following and passionate paranormal community, our fanbase is primarily Females 25-54 with a reach of over 50,000 and monthly impressions
over 200,000+
• Unique in person reach with a partnership to do a live taping at Indy’s premier local con, PopCon July 9th through the 11th plus additional live events quarterly

Our Indiana Originals Mission

This is an opportunity for all of us as Indiana Originals who normally wouldn’t think you have a budget for TV, to be a part of this. Our mission is to share our loyal audience and following with other Indiana Originals in an effort to support each other’s businesses and elevate each other’s success.

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