Soak Your Soul

About Us

Hand made organic body/mind products, including bath salts/scrubs, aroma sprays, fragrance rollons, lotions, and herbal bath teas. Products are made with all natural high quality organic ingredients, peace, and love.

Soak Your Soul Products:
Bath Soak + Scrub . Spray . Roll-on

Soak Your Soul Blends:
Warm Soul
Sweet Dreams
Happy Sol
Grateful Soul
Not So Dirty Hippie


All of our products are handcrafted and produced in a contemplative state. Melyssa, creator of Soak Your Soul, developed each blend with a soulful attention to healing body, mind, and soul. The oil combinations that arise come from a deeper knowing that transcends the rule books, so you may find combinations you’ve never seen before! We invite you to receive the love we put into each and every product in our collection.

Our Location

Soak Your Soul

Broad Ripple, Indianapolis, IN, USA