SoChatti Inc

About Us

SoChatti is more than just melted chocolate. Our chocolate-making process delivers a depth of flavor that will change your chocolate expectations. SoChatti’s craft, coupled with our innovative packaging, preserves the flavors that typically get lost during traditional chocolate manufacturing.

On our quest for dairy-free chocolate, we discovered a technology that unlocked chocolate’s flavor unlike anything we had ever tried before. SoChatti delivers the true flavor and purest chocolate experience.

Along with making the most delicious chocolate, SoChatti, which also does business as True Essence, specializes in flavor balancing and shelf stabilization. We have an onsite food science lab where we look to service the local community!

Our Location

SoChatti Inc

1125 E Brookside Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46201, U.S.

Business Hours

10am- 4pm

Service Area



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