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Small business.  I understand small businesses because I am a small business.

When I first started, I was doing everything.  And failing.  I was failing because I had failed to delegate.  As an engineer, I see the problem and try to fix it.  As a business owner, I tried to do it, myself, even if I did not have the skills necessary.  Like sales and marketing.  I found a few people and they helped me, by taking those hats for me, so I could concentrate on what I do best.


It’s what I know.  It’s what I am passionate about.  And it’s the part of your small business I can help you with.

I have a simple philosophy when it comes to implementing tech in the SMB space.  “It HAS to work.  It must be just as reliable as the light switch on the wall. And it needs to make or save more money than it costs.”

If your technology tools are not working for you, are not as reliable as the light switch and is costing you, rather than being an investment … Let’s talk.  Call me. E-mail me.  Text me.  It does not matter how, just reach out and let’s see how we can fix what is not right.

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