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Kristen Murney is the owner and mastermind of TEN by Kristen. Her creativity and fun spirit are non-stop and now she is sharing these gifts with the world! Kristen is excited to be able to help individuals, families, and small businesses improve their surroundings and, in turn, their lives.

TEN by Kristen is your source for interior decorating expertise. Kristen loves to breathe new life into homes and offices by making budget-friendly changes to the spaces therein. So, before you hire a contractor to tear out walls or even put your home up for sale because you are tired of the space, give Kristen a call!

Kristen also specializes in home organization.  She loves working with individuals and families on decluttering and creating organization systems that will work for them for years to come!

By incorporating Feng Shui in her down-to-earth, Midwest sensibility, Kristen is able to suggest furniture arrangements and color selections to promote the best energy for specific spaces. In doing so, she creates beautiful, functional, and fun rooms that can be enjoyed by all!

Kristen studied Interior Design at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. This is where she was first introduced to Feng Shui and the flame to learn more was lit! She graduated with a degree in Business Administration and then spent seven months working at the happiest place on earth – Disney World! Spending more than half a year with Mickey and Goofy definitely gave Kristen even more experience with having fun!

All of her spirit and experience have been combined and are now available to you through TEN by Kristen! Call 317-690-7867 or email TenByKristen@gmail.com to schedule your FREE Getting-To-Know-You Consultation!

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