Local Mattress Manufacturer Comfort Option Set to Move Into Circle Centre Mall

Indianapolis mattress manufacturer Comfort Option is partnering with St’artUp 317 to open their first retail storefront. The initiative with St’artUp 317 is to meant to provide young brands an introduction into downtown Indianapolis retail space by creating pop-up stores. According to the St’artUp 317 website, “The long-term goal of the program is to eliminate empty storefronts, increase local visitor consumer spending and ensure that the Downtown neighborhoods continue thriving.”

Comfort Option has become popular recently with their industry-unique customization options, which start with a brief online “Comfort Test” that serves to identify the sleep needs of customers. Their biggest differentiation from other mattress brands comes from the fact that, if needed, they’ll continue to fine-tune their customers’ mattresses for up to 120 days after the purchase, free of charge. Their “30/90 Comfort Commitment” serves as trial period for customers, not just to assure money back with dissatisfaction, but instead commits to reconstructing the mattress to make sure it’s perfectly suited.

Prior to their partnership with St’artUp 317, Comfort Option’s only physical locations were showrooms attached to their manufacturing facilities, both of which are located well east of the city – one in Lawrence and the other in Greenfield. “Being selected in the St’artUp 317 program is a wonderful opportunity for us,” said Nathan Elliott, Chief Marketing Officer of Comfort Option. “The program is a great concept. It helps brands like us give retail locations a try, and it helps fill vacant storefronts which can become problems over time. We’re excited to get into Circle Centre, and every hope in making this work in the long-term.”

According to Elliott, the Comfort Option store will not resemble other mattress retailers. “This store will not be a typical mattress-buying experience. We won’t have the space lined with dozens of beds, because we customize. Rather than trying to fit people into mattresses we’ve already made, we’ll make mattresses to fit the people who need them. Our store will allow customers to experience who we are – an honest manufacturer of bedding that provides actual, long-term solutions.

Comfort Option will be taking over the space on the second floor of Circle Centre that was previously occupied by Clarks Shoes, who moved out in January. The store will be officially open on May 1. To follow the construction of the space, follow Comfort Option on Instagram or visit them online at www.comfortoption.com.