Porter Books and Bread to be at Indiana Originals Expo and Marketplace

Will and Marcy Worley knew from the start that they wanted to open a used book store. Will says, "but as we got closer to starting the project, we decided to add things here and there. Let's bake bread, we're alright at that--well, we might as well make sandwiches too if we're baking bread--and we have to have great coffee!" 

Porter Books and Bread has been open for almost a year now, and has new plans for the coming year. On these new plans, Will says, "espresso is in the immediate future; we'll be starting a small remodel and barista training for the staff so we can expand our specialty coffee menu...Suffice it to say, we'll have some exciting announcements in the next 6-12 months." 

For those thinking of starting their own business, Will has wonderful advice to give: "Most importantly: no one will understand or believe in your vision like you do. You should be your own greatest motivator; if you don't know what to do next, ask someone, pester someone, get the information you need to run your business. And it's totally ok to not know what the hell you're talking about or doing sometimes. If you start feeling comfortable or like you've got a solid grasp on things, something's not right. Learn to appreciate that anxiety; it's your clue that you still have work to do." 

With that in mind, Will and Marcy also have a passion for being a local business, and supporting other local businesses. Will says that it helps to strengthen community and relationships. Knowing who supplied the produce, and where it came from, allows the community to better understand their neighbors. He says, "the customer is so much closer to the source of their product this way." 

Porter Books and Bread will be at the Indiana Originals Expo and Marketplace on August 28th. To learn more about them, please visit their website: http://www.porterbread.com. For more information on the Expo and Marketplace, please visit: http://bit.ly/29QFfTk