The Hatch is Open- A message from the founders

A message from Indiana Originals member The Hatch: We have been asking our members and the Indy community what makes The Hatch unique from other coworking places. And we keep hearing the same answer: The Hatch is open. We are open literally - windows and natural light and garage doors make the space feel very different from florescent lighting or windowless offices. But more importantly, we are open metaphorically. We are the home to a diverse mix of people and businesses. It’s not a surprise that most coworking in Indianapolis is focused on tech and is mostly male. The Hatch has nearly equal gender representation (48% of our members are female). And while we are the home to great tech companies like UpNest and Fizziology, only 1/3 of the businesses at The Hatch are traditional tech companies. Why does this matter? Because it means our mission is working. We wanted to create a coworking environment for everyone and anyone. A place that unique individuals and diverse businesses can call home. We see that reflected in the people who have already joined, and in the thousands of visitors we have had at events at The Hatch. We would love the chance to show you what open and diverse coworking looks like. Please email Josh at to learn more, or stop by The Hatch any weekday between 8:30am and 5:30pm for a tour.