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    Advertising your business

    We want to remind you of the fantastic benefits of advertising your business on Premium members have the opportunity to showcase your business with three complimentary ads included in your membership. All business members can purchase any ads at any time.

    Benefits of Advertising on

    • Increase Exposure: Reach a larger audience of local customers who are specifically looking to support Indiana-owned businesses.
    • Boost Traffic: Drive more traffic to your website and physical location through targeted advertisements.
    • Enhance Brand Recognition: Strengthen your brand presence within the local community by consistently appearing in key advertising spots.

    If you are a premium member and haven’t submitted your ads yet, please do so to take full advantage of your premium membership benefits. If you are a business member and want to purchase an ad, you may do so through the My Account page. Click on Buy Advertisement for sizes and pricing.

    Need Help?
    If you need assistance with your ads or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’re here to help you make the most of your membership!

    Thank you for being an essential part of the Indiana Owned community. Let’s work together to promote and grow your business!

    All the best,


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