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    Announcements & FAQs

    To help you make the most of your membership, we want to ensure you know how to access the private Members Only Announcements and FAQ page on our dashboard.

    How to Access the Members Only Announcements and FAQ Page

    1. Log In: Visit and log in to your account using your member credentials.
    2. Navigate to the Dashboard: Once logged in, click on your My Account page if not taken directly to it.
    3. Click on “Announcements” for the latest member opportunities
    4. Click on “FAQ” for recently answered membership questions
    5. Stay Updated: Check this page regularly for the latest announcements, updates, and answers to frequently asked questions. You can also see all the announcements on the blog, if you are logged in.

    Why Staying in Touch is Important

    • Stay Informed: Our Members Only Announcements page is the best way to stay informed about new features, upcoming events, and important updates relevant to your business.
    • Maximize Your Membership: The FAQ section provides detailed information on how to make the most out of your membership. It includes tips, best practices, and troubleshooting advice to help you navigate the platform efficiently.
    • Engage with the Community: Regularly checking the announcements ensures you don’t miss out on opportunities to connect with other local businesses, participate in exclusive events, and leverage collaborative marketing efforts.
    • Receive Timely Support: By staying informed through our announcements and FAQs, you can quickly find solutions to common issues and know how to reach out for support when needed.

    We are committed to supporting your business and ensuring you have all the resources you need to succeed. If you have any questions or need assistance accessing the Members Only section, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

    Thank you for being an essential part of the community. Together, we are stronger and better equipped to make a positive impact in our local economy.

    All the best,


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