Hiring Virtual Assistants – any advice?

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Hiring Virtual Assistants – any advice?

  • Tamara Hoffbauer

    Hello! We will be exploring ways to outsource some of our admin work to a virtual assistant in the coming weeks. Anyone else using a VA? I’d love to hear your pros and cons, tips and tricks to making the most of a VA relationship!


    Hi, Tamara! I used a virtual assistant for a little bit. It was a big help, but I quickly realized I hadn’t defined what I needed yet, so I kind of put the cart before the horse. Knowing exactly what you can outsource is a great start. The company Virtual Office by Design is now a member, too. You should definitely check them out and reach out to Tim about how they could help. https://www.indianaoriginals.com/listing/virtual-office-by-design/

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