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Membership Difference: Basic vs Premium

  • Mel

    Question: “The jump from Basic to Premium is pretty substantial. Are the added benefits worth the extra ~$500…that is…for a small company. HA!”

    Yes, the jump is $15 a month to $60 a month. The additions to the Premium membership is what is substantial though. The basic membership gets certified local and gets you access to our membership features and benefits. In order to find you, you have to show up in a search or be in the category the particular user is looking for. The premium membership (and plus level) is all about exposure! The benefits in these levels help you get in front of customers that might not know they need you yet and get you in front of potential customers faster. Showing up as a highlighted listing sets you apart from the others in your category. We also write an article about your business to share on our blog and share on all our social media platforms. The rotating banner ad on the search page is $50 by itself so that being included in the $60 is significant considering the value of the other features.

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