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    Using your badge

    Congratulations on being a valued member of! We are excited to introduce an excellent way for you to highlight your status as a proud Indiana business—the “Proud to be Indiana Owned” badge.

    Why Use the “Proud to be Indiana Owned” Badge?
    Displaying this badge on your website, social media, and marketing materials is more than just a symbol of your membership. It’s a powerful tool that tells your story as a local business committed to serving the Indiana community.

    Here’s how it benefits you:

    • Build Trust and Credibility: Customers love supporting local businesses. By displaying the badge, you are signaling to them that you are a trusted and credible Indiana-owned business.
    • Increase Local Support: The badge encourages customers to choose your business over non-local competitors. It resonates with those who prefer to support the local economy.
    • Enhance Brand Identity: The badge helps strengthen your brand’s identity as a local business. It reinforces your commitment to the community and sets you apart from the crowd.
    • Boost Online Engagement: Sharing the badge on your social media platforms can increase engagement with your posts. People are more likely to share and interact with content that highlights local pride.

    How to Use the Badge On:

    • Your Website: Add the badge to your homepage, about us page, or footer to ensure visitors know you are an Indiana-owned business.
    • On Social Media: Share posts featuring the badge on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Include hashtags like #IndianaOwned and #SupportLocal to reach a wider audience.
    • In Your Email Signature: Incorporate the badge into your email signature to remind your contacts of your local roots with every email you send.
    • On Marketing Materials: Include the badge in brochures, flyers, business cards, and any other printed materials to proudly display your local status.

    Where to Find the Badge:

    You can download the “Proud to be Indiana Owned” badge from your member dashboard or right click and save the image below. If you need assistance with the download or have any questions about how to use the badge, our support team is here to help.

    We are proud to support local businesses like yours and look forward to seeing the “Proud to be Indiana Owned” badge proudly displayed. Together, we can strengthen our community and showcase the incredible businesses that make Indiana unique.

    Thank you for being an integral part of!

    Navy blue circular Indiana Owned logo featured on white square background.

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