dpw 280 x 200DPW crews are making tremendous progress on filling potholes on Indy streets with more than 4,200 pothole requests filled since January 1. DPW crews will work overtime on Saturday, March 21 and Saturday, March 28 to get ahead of remaining open pothole requests. Twenty-five crews will work on pothole patching across Marion County. Crews will concentrate efforts along the following major thoroughfares and secondary streets:
  • Michigan Road from 56th Street to 62nd Street and from 86th Street to 96th Street
  • Ditch Road from Westlane Road to 96th Street
  • Guion Road from 52nd Street to 71st Street
  • North Shadeland Avenue from Washington Street to 46th Street
  • North Sherman Drive from 10th Street to 46th Street
  • South Emerson Avenue from Prospect Street to Raymond Street
  • South East Street from Hanna Avenue to Thompson Road
  • South Tibbs Avenue from Washington Street to Morris Street
"DPW is dedicated to filling potholes as quickly as possible," Andy Lutz, DPW Director said. "By having our crews work extra shifts, we can improve our response time, and we can reduce the number of open pothole requests more quickly." So far this week, DPW crews have filled approximately 350 pothole requests per day. DPW has engaged in an aggressive campaign to fill potholes since March 2. For the second year in a row, the City has contracted with asphalt providers to begin receiving hot mix asphalt before plants normally open for regular business so that crews can fill potholes with permanent patching material. Drivers should report potholes to the MAC using one of these tools: Use the Indy Pothole Viewer  at indy.gov/indypotholeviewer.