3 Tips to Score Customer Reviews

Guest Author: Niki Burt

Receiving reviews—especially those first few reviews—can feel like the most important thing when you’re putting your business online. Just remember that earning online reviews takes time, similar to the time it takes to build up business through word of mouth. Reviews are essentially your word of mouth online. Once you’ve started telling your business story on your Yelp business page, let your customers know. Here’s how:

  1. Link to your Yelp page on your website, in your email signatures, or on receipts. Here’s how to embed your favorite reviews on your website too.
  2. Request free Yelp signage here to get a “find us on Yelp sticker” for your front door.
  3. Share screenshots of your reviews on social media. This is a great way to thank customers, acknowledge that you’re reading feedback, and prompt your other social media followers to do the same.

On the contrast, be sure not to directly ask for reviews. Asking for reviews puts your customers on the spot, and it doesn’t get you the natural feedback that will come if you don’t ask. Reviews that are asked for also tend to be biased. Rather than asking for reviews, focus on the customer experience and provide exceptional service. 

Feeling inspired? Have a question? Reach out to local Indy Community Manager Niki at niki@yelp.com.