Why opt for local?

“Buying local” is more than just a trend. It is imperative for healthy, vibrant communities. Thriving communities are nurtured by local businesses. When dollars are spent locally, they are more likely to be recirculated locally, raising overall economic activity, paying more salaries, and building the local tax base.

Why Local Matters:

  1. Economic Benefit
    • When you spend money with local businesses, you help pump money back into the economy. This means more money for our roads, education, health and wellness resources, other services, new jobs, libraries, and more.
    • For every $100 spent locally, at least $68 of that stays in the local economy. That means every dollar you spend at an independent business returns three to five times more money to your locally economy as compared to a dollar spent with a national chain.
  2. Social Benefit
    • Buying local connects producers and consumers in a way that national companies just can’t. Local ownership means roots in the community and influence in the decisions affecting our lives and local environment. The stronger the relationship between our residents and job creators, the greater the opportunity for healthy, vibrant communities.
  3. Social Benefit:
    • Independent, locally owned businesses typically consume less land, carry more locally-made products, and are closer to their customer base creating less traffic and air pollution. Many of our members are also environmentally conscious about their packaging and strive for less waste.