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Often the path an entrepreneur takes to build their business is not linear; it can be a turbulent transition from employee to entrepreneur. Throughout her years as an attorney, Karen Young has built a successful career from understanding the potential legal pitfalls business owners, non-profit organizations, and social entrepreneurs can face. As founder and CEO of her own law firm, this understanding has only deepened and driven Karen to serve, advocate, and empower small businesses, small non-profit organizations, and social entrepreneurs to the best of her ability. 

It can be intimidating to consult an attorney in the initial phases of launching a business, but it is important that entrepreneurs protect themselves and their endeavors. All too often, clients reach out to an attorney after an issue has arrived, versus taking a proactive approach to their endeavors. In a recent interview with Mel McMahon, Co-Founder of Indiana Owned, Karen mentioned, “Small businesses need an advocate.”  Hayes Young Law, LLC dedicates itself to providing comprehensive legal care for entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and social entrepreneurs—especially women-and minority-led organizations. 

While entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, Karen Young and her team at Hayes Young Law, LLC work tirelessly to assist businesses, non-profit organizations, and social entrepreneurs to navigate the road to success with fewer mishaps and detours. In the coming years, Hayes Young Law, LLC intends to broaden its clientele, expand their community outreach, and create healthier, stronger communities in Indiana. 

To learn more about Hayes Young Law, LLC, visit their website. Indiana Owned and Hayes Young Law, LLC will be hosting a networking event on September 12th, in Downtown Indy. For more details, click here