Indiana Originals Features Charlie Tango Productions on 93.1 WIBC

On Sunday, November 24, 2019, Terri Stacy and Mel McMahon spoke with Christian Tombers, owner of Charlie Tango Productions. He’s a sales coach, inspirational and motivational speaker, and a master of thinking outside the box. Listen to his take on sales and how he can help you grow your business! Hear a different Indiana Originals member each Sunday at 10:45 am on 93.1 WIBC. Thanks for listening!

This segment made possible by our sponsors at B&W Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drains.

About Charlie Tango Productions:

Don’t Sell, Help Your Customers Want To Buy
Increase Your Closing Rate
Learn how to avoid language that kills the deal. We’ll teach you how to encourage a positive response from your prospects.

Make More Sales With Fewer Appointments
Avoid the numbers game burnout by getting more sales with the appointments you already have.

How To Get Sales That Others Miss
You’re only one question away from getting the sale, we’ll show you how to identify when it’s time to ask.

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