On Sunday, June 16, 2019, Terri Stacy and Mel McMahon chat with Karen Kennedy about her new book on Hamilton County’s food history. Learn all about her approach to the book, why the history of Hamilton County is so important, and her favorite little off-the-beaten-path spot for some great food! Hear a different Indiana Original each Sunday at 10:45 on 93.1 WIBC. Thanks for listening!

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About the book:

Written by veteran Indianapolis food writer, “Hamilton County Food; from Casual Grub to Gastropubs” is a tribute to, and celebration of, local, independently owned restaurants in Hamilton County, Indiana.

The book starts out by tracing the history of restaurants in Hamilton County (and across the United States). It looks back to the days of stagecoaches and inns, and journeys through the eras of brothels, the Temperance Movement and Prohibition (and the crazy laws that came along with it!) through the advent of TV dinners, celebrity chefs, the culinary excesses of the 80s and finally, the farm-to-table movements of today.

Next, it takes a trip down memory lane to recognize some of the Hamilton County restaurants of days gone by– “Mom and Pop” restaurants that residents remember dining at regularly when they were kids, along with trailblazing, fine dining Hamilton County restaurants that are no longer around today, like The Glass Chimney in Carmel and Persimmons Restaurant in Fishers. Restaurants like these laid the groundwork for the early culinary scenes in Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville, Fishers and the smaller communities in and just outside of Hamilton County.

“Hamilton County Food; from Casual Grub to Gastropubs” then highlights the best, brightest, can’t miss restaurants in Hamilton County today, and gives you the inside scoop on the chefs and owners who run them. It also includes personal interviews with some of Hamilton County’s culinary “superstars”—the chefs and owners of these restaurants who have blazed the trail and stay committed to local dining and supporting local farms and growers. These superstars include: Martha Hoover, Neal Brown, Woody and Richelle Rider, Matt Frey, Craig Baker and Ed Sahm. “

The book concludes with a “Foodie’s Perfect Weekend in Hamilton County”, complete with stops at farm markets, wineries, breweries, eateries and the best place to stay to experience everything Hamilton County has to offer!

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