Klooz Brewz Offers Race Day Ready Refreshments

Klooz Brewz offers handcrafted beers that highlight local, bold flavors. During the month of May, the artisanal brewery is bringing their flagship flavors to Indianapolis Motor Speedway to share with IndyCar connoisseurs. In fact, race fans will also be able to enjoy Klooz Brewz refreshments on Race Day. While the the local brewery has previously been limited to on-site distribution and carry-out growlers, Klooz Brewz has begun production on canned varieties that respect the glass restriction of the famous race track.


Let’s take a closer look at the flagship flavors featured at Klooz Brewz:


Big 4 Stout from Klooz Brewz“A rich malty oatmeal stout brewed with Coffee and Chocolate. Made with Columbus & Willamette hops along with a heavy dose of malted oats and toasted malts from Sugar Creek Malts.
Inspired by the Historic Big 4 Railroad that once passed through our great town connected Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis. It is now most recently known as the Big 4 Trail that currently passes through the Heart of Lebanon. As an important method of commerce Big 4 was in the Midwest, we hope that our bountiful midwestern resources provide for the most excellent stout experience before, during, and/or after a stroll on the trail.”



Tipton Till Gose“Traditional German Sour Ale finished off with raspberries and limes. Malt and water from Lebanon for Lebanon, Hallertau hops and Yeast from Chicago make this the all-around midwestern gose.
Some consider water to be the most important part of the brewing process, so do we! We are so lucky to have an amazing Glacial Water Aquifer System called Tipton Till. We enjoy this great water source for all of our brews but this is our way of showing respect for the Tipton Till. It’s got to come out of the glacier somewhere no reason it’s not right into a crisp Klooz Gose in Lebanon.”



1832 IPA logo“Our flagship American IPA has notes of mango, pine and citrus flavors with a touch of cedar. 1832 IPA satisfies even the most seasoned hop head to casual IPA drinkers. We use all Crazy Horse Cascade & Mosaic hops & Sugar Creek Malts for this hoppy brew.

This beer was inspired by story of the founding of Lebanon Indiana. Our great town was founded by pioneer settlers in 1832. Those settlers saw a stand of hickory trees and were reminded of the majestic Biblical cedars of Lebanon hence forth the town was named. We would like to think of ourselves as pioneers, as we brew our unique hand krafted beers for everyone to enjoy.”



Hefe Barcio“A cloudy German classic Hefeweizen-style beer. This brew is light and crushable with soft notes of banana, wheat, and clove undertones. Coming in at 4.5% ABV makes this the perfect day-drinking beer while tooling around working on projects like building a catapult or perhaps a little bit of DIY work around the house. Made with Hallertau hops and Sugar Creek Malts.
The beer is dedicated to Phil Barcio and his father Bernard who was very well known for his helping start the National Catapult Champions. Bernard was a teacher at Park School in the 1960’s. Along with his students helped launched the first Roman catapult building contest which over a few years of popularity it became the first National Catapult Contest which was held a Culver Military Academy in 1972. The challenge and competition received National Media attention and during war times he was contacted by the Pentagon to help them as an expert in catapults. We salute Bernard and his legacy with this tasty brew, let your taste buds fly through the sky like a bag of flour from a catapult.”


18 SPF Klooz Brewz

“A well-balanced Cream Ale prefect for a weekend at the lake or a day in a canoe! This is the first style of craft beer Brewer & Founder Patrick Klooz ever enjoyed. Made with Sugarcreek malt, Cascade and Wilamette hops this refreshing Cream Ale is easy drinker and perfect for those who enjoy domestic ales.
This beer is dedicated to Joan & Bernard Klooz who brought the Klooz Clan to Dale Hollow each and every summer. They would pack the cars full of family, neighbors, and friends then set off for summer fun! Joan & Bernard believed everyone needed some time just chilling, floating on the lake, and covered in lots of SPF 18. That’s all it really took to instill a love for the outdoors in all of us. Enjoy this easy drinking Cream ale on a boat or in a coat since it will be around all year long.”


To date, Klooz Brewz canned varieties are available at their flagship location, IGA (Lebanon), and Big Red Liquors (Brownsburg). Don’t miss this opportunity to support a small, local business and enjoy the greatest spectacle in racing!