Life. Style. Live! | Mel McMahon Shares How to Support Local Businesses Fast

Indiana Owned is on a mission to help you identify and support local businesses faster and easier! Indiana Owned members are business owners who want you to know they live, work, and play here. They are the business owners donating food to shelters, sponsoring the Little League teams, and employing hundreds of thousands of people in our state.

Every business on falls into one of two categories. They are either an “Original,” meaning the company is Indiana-owned and -operated, headquartered here and not part of an out-of-state chain, or they are a “Franchise Friend,” meaning the franchise is Indiana-owned and -operated, the owner lives here in Indiana, and is engaged in our community.

When you see the Indiana Owned badge, you know you are supporting a local business. Mel McMahon, Co-Founder of Indiana Owned and Indiana Gifts, shares some simple ways to support local businesses right now:


    • Shop and support products, places, and service providers in person and online. Buy and give away gift cards. Order carry-out or dine-in when you don’t feel like cooking. Order online from local businesses. Use locally-owned and -operated service providers for your home and business. If you have the means to make a purchase, do.

    • Set businesses up for success. Leave a positive review on Facebook, Google, the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, or wherever you are comfortable. Getting in front of new customers is especially competitive.

    • Social media is about being social. Follow your favorites, like a post, comment, and spread the word about a special. Share encouraging words and stay engaged!

    • Be the first to know about changes, offers, specials, and more. Behind every email sign-up alert is a real person jumping for joy.

    • Most of us know someone who owns a small business. Reach out to that person and ask how you can help. You may be surprised at what you can offer.

Buying local is more than just a trend—it’s vital for healthy, thriving communities. Thriving communities are nurtured by local businesses. Buying from Indiana Owned businesses connects producers and consumers in a way that national chains don’t. We continuously look for ways to partner with national companies, but we always keep in mind that local ownership means roots in the community and influence the decisions affecting our lives and our local environment. Engage with us on Facebook and Instagram. Learn more about why local matters and find certified-local businesses at


Indiana Owned: Mel McMahon shares how to support local businesses faster