Celebrate the American Spirit during National Small Business Week

The month of May hosts a variety of annual holidays. Of course, some occasions are more widely known than others. Few forget Mother’s Day, a holiday that encourages everyone to honor the maternal figure(s) in their lives, or Memorial Day, a commemorative celebration for those who lost their lives defending our nation. Still, there is another—perhaps lesser-known—observance that  is especially meaningful to the Indiana Owned community. During the first week of May, entrepreneurs throughout the country are recognized for their innovation and role in strengthening the domestic economy during National Small Business Week.


National Small Business Week—A Brief History

National Small Business Week is a celebration of the American spirit. Our nation was built on the principles of freedom, opportunity, and the pursuit of happiness. In her essay, Land of Opportunity, Suzanne Ozmet writes, “Americans hold to a persistent belief in individual achievement—a conviction that hard work, talent, resourcefulness, and initiative will be rewarded.” To recognize and uplift this ideal, President John F. Kennedy, by means of presidential proclamation, declared the first week of May to be National Small Business Week. The celebration continues to serve as an opportunity to encourage all entrepreneurs throughout the nation, honor top-performing organizations in each state , and provide an avenue for newer initiatives to learn from the successes of accomplished business leaders.


What is a small business?

Make no mistake—small business is no small affair in the Hoosier state. The US Small Business Administration (SBA) classifies small businesses in measure of total number of employees or average annual earnings, depending on the specific industry. To that effect, there are over half a million small businesses throughout Indiana. These small, local enterprises account for 99.4 percent of all merchants in Indiana and employ 1.2 million Hoosiers. 


National Small Business Week—Support Local

While most holidays are celebrated with gifts or gatherings, National Small Business Week provides unique opportunities to show support for Hoosier entrepreneurs.

Get Vocal about Local

  • If there is a small business that is near and dear to you, tell the world! 
    • Give an encouraging rating, review, or recommendation for a small, local company on social media; doing so could lead to incredible outcomes for the organization.
    • Follow Indiana Owned and Indiana Gifts on social media. Day in and day out, we strive to highlight local entrepreneurs who actively contribute to both state commerce and the culture of their surrounding communities. 
    • Make an effort to follow small, local businesses on social media outlet(s). Share your activity and generate brand awareness for local merchants.
  • Do you happen to have a small, local business? Tell us!
    • The team at Indiana Owned and Indiana Gifts is passionate about encouraging, serving, and promoting small, local businesses. Our mission is to create healthier, stronger communities through the support of local products and services. Make an appointment with Mel to discuss opportunities.  

Buy Local

  • If you can, the best way to support small, local businesses is to contribute to their bottom line. 
    • Take the opportunity to secure a gift for an upcoming holiday. Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide showcases an array of amazing options for the approaching occasion! 
    • Purchase a gift card/certificate from a small, local business. If you don’t have an immediate desire or need, gift cards/certificates provide an amazing opportunity to support small, local businesses and communicate your appreciation for their efforts.

In an effort to create opportunities for themselves and others, entrepreneurs risk ridicule, failure, and financial hardship. Every entrepreneur requires unwavering conviction, tenacity, and faith to act upon their inspiration and overcome the challenges surrounding business ownership. Many public figures attest that small, local businesses are the backbone of local, state, and national economies. It is absolutely true. That is, to encourage, promote, and endorse small, local businesses allows Indiana, and the nation as a whole, to stand tall.