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Indiana Originals promotes Indiana products, places, and service providers. We help Hoosiers discover and support local faster and easier while helping our business members find affordable resources to be successful, stand out from their national competitors, and get in front of new customers. Every business on our website is certified local. That means we guarantee they are Indiana-owned and operated, headquartered here, and not part of an out of state chain. Supporting our members keeps more money in Indiana, helps our communities be unique, and creates jobs.

Local businesses need our support more than ever! Our members are open for business! Here are some simple ways to support local businesses right now:



    • Many businesses are remaining open online, selling gift cards, offering carry out or delivery, shipping products, and more. If you have the means to make a purchase, do.


    • Set businesses up for success. Leave a positive review on Facebook, Google, the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, or wherever you are comfortable. Getting in front of new customers will be more important than ever during our recovery.


    • Social media is about being social. Follow your favorites, like a post, comment, and spread the word about a special. Share encouraging words and stay engaged!


    • Be the first to know about changes, offers, specials, and more. Behind every email sign up alert is a real person jumping for joy.


    • Most of us personally know someone that owns a small business. Reach out to that person and ask how you can help. You may be surprised at what you can offer.


    • Indiana Originals takes the guesswork out of identifying local businesses and nonprofits by supplying a curated list of companies that are Indiana owned-and-operated, headquartered in Indiana, and not part of an out-of-state chain. The app was made possible in partnership with member Freedom Foods out of Wolcott, IN, and includes a map feature that allows you to select your location and see the Indiana Originals members in your area.

About Indiana Originals: Indiana Originals was founded in 2014 to simplify the search for local, Indiana-based businesses. Our mission is to create healthier, stronger communities and more jobs in Indiana by encouraging and facilitating a greater use of Indiana-based businesses. All of our members are locally owned and operated businesses headquartered in Indiana. Whenever you see the badge, you know you are supporting local.

Indiana Originals – Leading Local Living

About Freedom Foods: Freedom Foods is a family-owned and operated farm in Wolcott, Indiana delivering high-quality, natural produce to Hoosier’s front doors in Central Indiana. By using gardening techniques and constructing greenhouses, Freedom Foods has the capability to provide fresh, naturally grown produce year-round. Learn more at

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