Weekly Workshop--Pay Zero Taxes, part 3--Real Estate

Nov 09, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Real estate has a certain appeal to many people who want to make money. The number of infomercials and TV shows about “Pay zero Down” and flipping properties attest to this.

Because of the unique nature of real estate, the tax code is full of provisions that apply to this activity. And seemingly the Congress is full of real estate mavens, because most of those provisions can be used to reduce or eliminate taxes over years.

But you must also beware, because what the government gives it can also take away. So you need to know the down side as well.

We’ll talk about all of these features, at least in summary, at this edition of the weekly workshop.

It’s at noon, on Tuesday the 9th of November. No registration, just show up at the site below at the proper time.