When We Grow, You Grow

Indiana Originals has been growing thanks to locally owned and operated businesses, Facebook likes, and twitter followers. We are very humbled by all the positive feedback and support that we have received. To date we have eight members signed up, several pending (fill out the application completely!), 695 Facebook likes, and 953 Twitter followers! As pleased as we are for the support that we have received, we need to keep growing our membership so that we can get more locally owned and operated Hoosier businesses identified and in front of new customers. The more members we have, the faster we can develop what we offer. We have big plans to help grow Hoosier businesses. An app is waiting in the wings, we have identified potential billboard sites, and we are constantly looking for more to offer with your membership. Our goal is to help every member make more money. This is how we like to think about it: If Indiana Originals can help make every Indiana business 3% more profit then the entire state GDP goes up by 3%. Thats 3% more money for roads, schools, police officers, and all the other things that all Hoosiers deserve. To thank you for signing up to become a part of this movement, we want to show you our appreciation by giving you a $25 gift certificate to WB Pizza (while supplies last). When you figure the membership rate right now is $45 plus $10 for every additional location, that is a pretty nice deal! Have you had WB Pizza before? It’s one of our favorites! Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our mission. If you have any questions, just give us a call, send us an email, tweet us, ask something on facebook; you get the idea! We look forward to hearing from you. Leading local living, Lance and Mel To become a member, click here.