Invest Your Social Capital

decatur-township280x200Valley Mills Elementary School in Decatur Township, Indianapolis, is seeking guest speakers during the month of November to kick off their Entrepreneurship Project. Volunteers are invited to speak with students to inspire a sense of entrepreneurship in our students to make a positive difference in the community. Topics could include your career path, the story of your business, the technical aspects of running a business, etc. Valley Mills Elementary School and the MSD of Decatur Township are very connected on Social Media. Volunteers will be celebrated via twitter and Facebook.  They will also promote your website and product or service to their constituents. The Entrepreneurship Project culminates in Valley Mills’ annual Entrepreneurship fair on December 11. Each class will sell an original product created by their small business. Proceeds will fund service projects and class field trips. Please contact Suzanne Rothenberg for more information- 317-856-5265 or “