Joe's Picks, Week of June 20

In theaters: Jersey Boys Clint Eastwood directs this true-life tale of the rise to stardom of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. Interesting counterprogramming to a summer season usually full of bombast and explosions, but buyer beware: that a movie like this, usually Oscar-bait material, isn’t opening during the more awards-friendly end-of-year slot, may be a red flag. Home video: The Lego Movie This movie, which your kids will love, but you may or may not, follows Emmett (Chris Pratt), a plain old boring, every day Lego figure, who, it turns out, have an entire Lego world in which to live. A fun twist in the narrative toward the end keeps things interesting, but “The Lego Movie” is mostly disposable, lightweight entertainment. New trailers: Birdman, Paddington, Good Deed, Home, Fluffy Movie, The Interview See more trailers at The Film Yap! Classic Cinema: June 20 & 21, Keystone Art Cinema's "Midnight Madness" : "Raiders of the Lost Ark" June 20, Indiana Museum of Art's "Summer Nights" series:  "The Jerk"

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