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About Us

Angry Ape Creative is a design and marketing firm. Our goal is to help small and medium sized businesses navigate through the world of design and marketing. We understand that when you are starting or running a business you don’t have time to worry about creating great design or continually creating new marketing. That is where we can help. We work well with clients that have little to no understanding of design or marketing as well as those that are fully versed in it. We will explain to them what they need to know. We also realize that some clients do not want to know, and just want it done. Those clients tend to love us.

For us, it is about building trust and having a strong relationship with our clients. If we can make your life easier and get you the results you need, we are successful.

Our Location

Angry Ape Creative

1075 Broad Ripple Ave, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Business Hours

9-6 Monday – Friday

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