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FetchaDate is Where Pet Lovers Meet for a date, and/or potential mate.  It’s a dating app to connect with like-minded pet lovers who know that one’s pet is part of the pack, especially when in search of a date and/or love. 

What’s different about FetchaDate is your pet (real or virtual) makes your introduction.  Yes, the pet is seen first. Since pets are naturally an icebreaker, this way someone meets the ‘pack’ right from the start.

No pet, no problem!  We know you may be ‘between’ pets, a pet doesn’t fit your current lifestyle or living arrangements.   Don’t worry – pick a ‘virtual pet’ that represents what you’ve had or your style.  This way you still take part in ‘fetch Who’s Behind’ game.

Your pet making the introduction is mysterious and fun! At fetchadate there are more opportunities for you both to ‘fetch’ right to match and get to chat! Not interested, then keep fetching!

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