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About Us


Inspiring individuals, couples and families by honoring the past, empowering the present, and building a resilient future.



We are committed to inspiring individuals, couples, and families in finding balance and excitement for life. We achieve this through a holistic approach that includes high-quality therapy with an emphasis on overcoming obstacles and building resilience.



At Indiana Counseling and Resilience Center, we work to create a culture of acceptance, security, understanding, and motivation. We focus on building resilience in the lives of our clients and colleagues through five core areas:


1. Self-Awareness

We value self-awareness of how our feelings, thoughts, and actions impact ourselves and others. We believe in living authentically and recognizing how we relate to the world around us. We support our clients in their own self-reflection in a comforting and caring environment.


2. Self-Care

We value optimal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health for ourselves and our clients. We use self-care practices and strive for a realistic and healthy work/life balance. We commit to self-reflection and personal improvement if we ever feel that we are at 75% or less of our “best self.” Each clinician decides their own work schedule, identifies their areas of expertise, and takes as many vacation and mental health days as they need.


3. Social Connection

We value healthy communication and collaboration. We value diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplace and in our personal lives. We understand the importance of healthy and meaningful relationships as part of long-term mental wellness for our clients and for ourselves.


4. Adaptability

We adjust easily to change and welcome innovative ideas. We believe in flexible approaches to support our clients’ unique needs, focusing on their strengths and using clinically effective approaches and strategies. We are committed to lifelong growth and development of ourselves and our clients.


5. Purpose

We find meaning and purpose in helping others through high-quality counseling and wellness strategies. We believe that our clients each have their own unique purpose. We strive to support clients in discovering their meaning and purpose as we partner with them on their mental wellness journey.

Our Location

Indiana Counseling & Resilience Center

2345 South Lynhurst Drive suite 108, Indianapolis, IN 46241, USA

Business Hours

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Monday – Thursday: 9 am – 4 pm

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All therapy appointments are scheduled in advance.
Monday – Thursday: 8 am – 8 pm

Friday: 8 am – 4 pm

Saturday: Appointment Only

Sunday: Appointment Only

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