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Lifelong residents of Indianapolis, Mark and Shelly Rice are the owners/creators of Pure Memory Water – great tasting, non-gmo, sugar free organic botanical beverages that provide optimal hydration to help nourish the brain.

Mark and Shelly  grew up and raised their children on one universal truth: Mother knows best. That’s where they got their inspiration for Pure Memory Water. When Shelly began caring for her Mom—one of 5.7 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s—Mark turned to Mother Nature to take care and responsibility of their own body and mind.

Mark developed the recipe in his own kitchen using only simple, organic botanicals that are believed to enhance overall well being. Once the formula was refined, they began bottling and selling Pure Memory Water and Pure Memory  Botanical Energy Shots.

All of their beverages are packaged in environmentally friendly glass bottles to protect the potency of the organic natural ingredients. The recyclable glass is a barrier to the possible leaching of plastic toxins into the beverage.

All Pure Memory beverages are proudly bottled in the USA.

Their continued mission is to create enhanced beverages for health conscious consumers, who like themselves, are concerned about maintaining their optimal cognitive function. They are determined to continue to develop great tasting, non-gmo, sugar free, organic botanical drinks that will provide hydration and enhance memory.

Our Location

Pure Memory Water

Indianapolis, IN, USA

Service Area

Pure Memory can be purchased thru the website at: purememorywater.com

If you are a retailer interested in selling Pure Memory products please contact Shelly  for further information and pricing.

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