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About Us

Service Connections, Inc. evaluates and measures the customer service and sales experience.  We have a variety of customer feedback tools that provide valuable information to assist all businesses to deliver the exceptional customer service experience.

Our SPRC = Sales Plan Reality Check will provide you key facts that will identify if consumers know about your business, what other like businesses do they frequent, why do they select the businesses they use and more.

We conduct Employee Engagement Surveys to identify the wants and needs of your employees and identify any roadblocks to success.

Our online training programs are customized based on the data gathered from our mystery shops, customer feedback, and employee survey data.

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Our Location

Service Connections, Inc.

225 North Delaware Street, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Business Hours

Service Connections, Inc. staff work a variety of hours.  Any voicemails are returned quickly.  Any emails are responded to quickly.

Service Area

Service Connections, Inc. provides our services nationwide.

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