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Steve is a very fortunate man, and he knows it: an amazing wife, wonderful kids, and his other great passion, voice over. Not to mention an insightful business partner (his French Bulldog, Hugo).

Steve’s introduction to working behind a microphone came from many years spent in radio. During that time, he began doing free-lance voice work. Over time, Steve’s voice over business grew to point that he could no longer continue in radio. He said goodbye, with a full heart, to the industry that gave him his start as a storyteller.

He’s never looked back.

Taking direction well, giving you the read you want, and making your script come to life are all in a day’s work for Steve.

He’s dependable, finishes the job on time, and does it all with a sense of humor. You can rely on him to be flexible too, adapting to last minute needs.

Steve’s ability to exude confidence and warmth, at the same time, are the essence of his delivery. He keeps the “boardroom from being bored”, while engaging employees, shareholders, and clients alike.

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Steve O'Brien Voice Overs

Indianapolis, IN, USA

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