What Does Local Really Mean?

At the grocery store the other day, I was excited to see an end-cap labeled "Local." It had everything from popcorn kernels to salsa to salad dressing and then some. It was exciting to see "Indiana" on the labels. I must admit though, it was confusing to see Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky. Why do those count as local in Indiana? Well, it was a good reminder that everyone's definition of local may be a little different.  Merriam-Webster defines local as "relating to or occurring in a particular area, city, or town; located or living nearby." Indiana Originals defines local as "started in Indiana, headquartered in Indiana, and operated out of Indiana." The key word in our definition is "Indiana." If a company has grown and expanded out of Indiana, that's okay--great even!  We just want you to know that everyone labeled local with Indiana Originals is truly from Indiana. You can find all of our members here. That's how we define local. How do you define local? Leading local living, Mel P.S. Don't forget: When looking for local, look for the logo.