Surplus Personal Property for Veteran-Owned Small Business programs

Program background

Veteran-owned small businesses (VOSB) can access federally owned personal property no longer in use through the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program.

GSA oversees the reuse and donation of federal personal property. It also:

SASP manages surplus property disbursement, including:

  • Verification of eligibility
  • Program compliance
  • Fee collection
  • Recordkeeping
  • Dispute resolution (in accordance with respective states’ operating plans)

Eligibility requirements

VOSBs may get federal surplus property from the SASP in the state where the property will be primarily located and used. You must agree in writing that your VOSB:

  • Is located and operated within the state
  • Is unconditionally owned and controlled by one or more eligible veterans, service-disabled veterans, or surviving spouses
  • Has registered and is in “verified” status in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) VETS First Verification Program database
  • Will use the property in the normal conduct of its business activities (personal or non-business use is prohibited)
  • Will not sell, transfer, loan, lease, encumber or otherwise dispose of the property during the period of restriction unless it has received express written authorization from SASP, GSA, and SBA
  • Will get permission from the donating SASP before permanently removing the property from the state
  • Will use the property as intended within one year of receipt
  • Will maintain its VOSB eligibility with VA and SASP for the duration of the applicable federal period of restriction for donated property
  • Will give SBA, GSA, and/or SASP access to inspect the property and all pertinent records

You must also state in writing that if your VOSB violates any of the requirements agreed to, it must return the property to the donating SASP at your expense.

Additionally, if you sell, transfer, or otherwise dispose of acquired surplus property in violation of the agreement covering sale and disposal, you will be liable to the federal government for the fair market value (as determined by GSA or the donating SASP) or the property’s sale price, whichever is greater.

Review the full eligibility requirements at