Time to review your Credit Card Processing

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Time to review your Credit Card Processing

  • Alan Weaver

    Have you evaluated your credit card processing lately? GENESIS Sourcing Solutions is an Independent Sales Organization that provides Merchant Services for businesses across the county. What makes GENESIS unique is that we are an Independent agent. Much like an Independent Insurance Agency, we can customize and pick the best product (processor) for our merchants from a handful of excellent providers – each with their own different expertise.

    We are a perfect fit for all types of small to medium size business, such as Restaurants, Boutiques, local Trades (hvac, plumber, etc.). We provide all the bells and whistles needed in today’s fast-paced electronic transaction business – BUT, with the added benefit of WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE. Our service team answers service calls in less than 30 seconds, and will likely solve any issue or answer any question in less than 5 min., with no need to transfer or “escalate” your service request!! AND We can SAVE YOU MONEY!!

    We have all the necessary components for today’s marketplace (i.e. online ordering, touchless & mobile processing, delivery modules, tableside processing, cloud support and updating, etc., etc.) AND LOCAL, knowledgeable service – All of this with 24/7/365 support and service.

    We are also currently also offering a COVID Relief package especially designed for the restaurant industry. If you are ready to reevaluate how you are taking payments and to see if you can save money without compromising service, let’s connect. Call, email, or comment below!


    Thanks for taking such great care of Indiana Originals, Alan!

    Bryan Leniski


    Let’s have a conversation. I work with a variety of ISO’s and would like to be friendly with you as well. I may be able to solve some problems you can’t and help you win more business!

    (574) 514-4241

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